In these numerous years I/we have travelled in all continents (Antarctica is missing in the 6 continent model…). My work has certainly been a bonus from that perspective and a further opportunity, but all our vacations have always been dedicated to discovering new places, possibly with a photographic element. From the Langhe near Turin, to Provence, to England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, to North Cape, to Iceland, to Greece and Santorini, to Crete, to the many and beautiful American national parks and monuments, to Alaska, to Canada, to Mexico, to Guatemala, to Baja California, to Peru, to Ecuador, to the Galapagos, to Chile, to Brazil, to Bolivia, to Japan, to China, to Taiwan, to Hong Kong, to Morocco, to Libya, to Israel, to Egypt, to Sinai, to Turkey (close to the borders with Syria, Iran, Armenia, Georgia), to Armenia, to Russia, to the Baltic States, to Lebanon, to Oman, to Saudi Arabia, to Iran, to Namibia, to Patagonia, to Tierra del Fuego, etc. For work, I lived 3 years in London and 1 year in New York, and this offered further opportunities.